Item: Odors

Color Repair

Images used with permission from Colorful Carpets – thanks Chris Howell! Colorful Carpets In the flooring and carpet industry, color restoration is a skill and requires technical expertise as well as an eye for color. If you think that ‘green’ is simply ‘green’, you are in for a surprise! “Green” is not green, but rather it […]

Smoke Damage Cleanup

Tampa Bay Smoke Damage Restoration Specialists Handling All Aspects of Smoke Damage Cleanup & Repair Accent American Inc is Tampa Bay’s leading smoke damage restoration company. Smoke damage to your property is a very complicated issue to resolve and many general contractors say they are capable of addressing this, but very few actually can. Smoke […]

Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation wall cavity full of black mold

The highly trained professional team at Accent American have more than 35 years of experience addressing mold damage repair needs and mold remediation in Tampa Bay. We know that the best way to avoid mold related health problems like respiratory illness is to quickly intervene when mold is spotted in the home, and we know […]

Pet Urine Cleaning

We love our pets.  But we don’t love the messes they sometimes leave behind. At Accent American Inc, we know how frustrating it can be when your beloved pet has an accident on your carpets or furniture.  We are pet owners ourselves, and have had it happen. We have professional training and certification as Triple […]

Biological Odor Cleaning

  At Accent American Inc, we are trained in all types of odor decontamination, and can help you find and remove the source of the odor to help with your enjoyment of your home or business.  We have IICRC Triple Master Certification, which includes certificaiton and training in Smoke Odor Removal, Pet Stain and Odor […]