We are often asked what kind of flooring our customers should select. When it comes to floors, there are so many options of type, species, materials and construction that the choices can often feel daunting. Our answer for selecting flooring often depends on the application that the flooring will endure and not surprisingly, the history our customer has with their previous homeowner experiences.

So which types of flooring handles water or moisture well?

When it comes to fighting against water and moisture scenarios in a home, LVT or Luxury Vinyl Tile has become a popular option for homeowners for many reasons. When working with customers who have experienced water damage previously or are currently having to replace their wood flooring due to a water problem in their home, they often want to know alternatives to prevent a similar issue in the future.

What Is Luxury Vinyl Tile?

LVT flooring is made by combining multiple floor component materials together around a high density core layer. This durable composite incorporates a top layer consisting of colored and textured vinyl that can be made to appear and feel exactly like wood or stone. LVT flooring is manufactured in squares, rectangles or planks of various dimensions. Today’s luxury vinyl tile floors have a deceptive look and feel that matches natural materials.

There are many manufactures and variations of luxury vinyl tile on the market today and many of them offer advantages related to water and moisture, as well as many other benefits. Here’s a list of just a few of the benefits of LVT flooring:

  • Easy Installation – Most require no fasteners or glue. The planks snap or click together easily.
  • Extremely Durable – Due to it’s composite design, LVT is great for pets and high traffic areas.
  • Longevity – Most LVT flooring is designed to last 15-30 years, compared to laminate floors at 10+.
  • Damage Resistant – Many Luxury Vinyl Tile floors are resistant to dents, scratches, and ink marking.
  • Moisture Resistant – All LVT flooring is water resistant, but many are even considered waterproof.
  • Mold Resistant

LVT Flooring And Moisture

The waterproof benefits of luxury vinyl tile flooring is an exceptional option for high moisture areas of your home such as kitchens, bathrooms and basements. The humidity and water that can build up in bathrooms can wreak havoc on traditional wood floors. Kitchens can also be a frequent source of water, spills and mishaps that can bring your flooring in contact with a lot of moisture that natural wood floors just don’t handle well. Additionally, basements have often been an area of a home that aren’t advisable for wood flooring due to moisture. Yet, so many homeowners desire that wood finish when they’re renovating their basements to expand the living space of their home.

This is where the waterproof capabilities of LVT floors really excel. There are very few install applications where luxury vinyl plank flooring can’t be used. The combined technology of the materials used to manufacture LVT and the tightly locked installation method creates an impenetrable barrier to water, moisture and spills. This makes LVT perfect for any homeowner concerned about water damage or moisture.

Does Luxury Vinyl Tile Look Real?

So you’re convinced that luxury vinyl tile is the solution for your water and moisture concerns, but how do they look? We hear this quite often from customers that haven’t ever experienced LVT flooring first hand, but you will be shocked at how natural the look and feel of luxury vinyl tile floors can be. In fact, the unique manufacturing process of LVT makes both texture and color completely realistic. Even the most popular styles of hardwood flooring such as hand scraped and distressed wood grain textures are all available. Nearly every wood species, edge design and color is also available in LVT, as well as stone, marble and concrete options that look nearly identical to their natural counterparts.

If you are concerned about moisture, damage resilience and style, luxury vinyl tile flooring is an exceptional option to consider.

Written by:

Tom Michaud, CEO
Simple Floors Portland

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