One of the worst times for many when it comes to the possibility of a flooded home is during the summer, when the hurricane season starts, and we have those afternoon rains every day and then relentless rain starts pounding down. You need to be flood safe.

Hopefully, your roof is leak proof, your foundation is up to the task, and your sump pump (if you need one) is chugging along faithfully. Water is intrusive and can find the weakest spot in your home and create all types of damage and costly repairs.

view of a street that is flooded, bushes and white mailbox in forefront
Flooded streets

Ways to be Flood Safe

There are ways to be flood safe and even flood savvy by paying attention to advice and guidance from the experts.

The first thing to do is logical and you are probably already doing it: Watch the weather. Monitor your favorite news source for weather alerts and updates, especially when you know a storm may be brewing and coming your way. You can set automatic alerts easily. And understand weather event terminology. There’s a big difference between a flood watch and a flood warning. A watch means flooding may occur. A warning means weather conditions are prime to create flooding.

You can prepare your home for possible flooding. You should always vacate your home and find a safe place if severe and dangerous weather is coming your way. Most weather issues won’t dictate evacuation. But all weather-related issues should prompt preparedness, which may include checking all doors, windows, openings to your home, and checking your garage or first floor areas for items that can easily be damaged in a flood. Put them up high — just in case. Going through and picking up soggy items that could have been safely put on a shelf is not a task you have to face if you think ahead.

Be prepared for power outages. Have plenty of fresh food and water on hand in the event you have to wait out the storm. The recommendation from NOAA is to have at least 5 days of non-perishable food, plus 1 gallon of water per person per day. And don’t forget about your pets.


Remember, floods are the most common natural disaster that affects the most people. They can be caused by a variety of events. These include hurricanes, heavy rain, high winds combined with rain, and even thawing snow. Just a small amount of water in your home where it doesn’t belong can cost thousands of dollars in damage. Make sure your homeowner’s insurance policy covers flooding that could possibly occur in your area. Don’t assume you have flood insurance as part of a normal insurance policy.

If the unthinkable does occur and you suffer from a flooded home, do the right thing. Call your favorite Tampa area disaster restoration company Accent American Inc. After all, it pays to call a pro!



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