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Cleaners Giving Back Ronald McDonald House

Cleaners Giving Back Ronald McDonald House RMH crew

.Our company is very proud and gratified to be one of the companies responsible for creating this event at Ronald McDonald House and many other locations. It started in 2014,  with our company volunteering to clean the Tampa Ronald McDonald House.  We helped create a Facebook page for carpet cleaners called Cleaners Giving Back, so […]

Protecting Important Documents

Protecting Important Documents important documents on the floor in a box surrounded by water

Protecting Important Documents It’s natural. It’s human nature. You don’t really think about this very often. What are we talking about? Water, fire and smoke damage. When you do think about what may happen to your home, and then take action to prepare, what you do is usually minor and easy to do… such as […]

3 Ways to Prevent Water Damage

3 Ways to Prevent Water Damage long neck faucet with water running prevent water damage

3 Ways to Prevent Water Damage What is a water damage? It’s anything that happens in your home that causes problems for you and your family. It can be a simple over-flowing of a sink onto the kitchen floor. Or perhaps a toilet didn’t flush properly and it sloshed out a bit onto the bathroom […]

Pipe break

A pipe break. DID YOU KNOW that every home and business has water pipes, sewer pipes and lots of other pipes? Of course you do, and you also know that they can leak and break and create quite a mess. One thing that you need when this happens is a company to come to your […]

Got Odors? Clean It — Don’t Cover the Odors

Got Odors? Clean It — Don’t Cover the Odors Odor

Odors. They are everywhere. When pleasant, we might call them “scents.” When not-so-pleasant, we might call them malodors. Odors are caused by a variety of sources. Some smells are pleasant, welcoming, such as from a fresh-cut batch of flowers or a nice, home-cooked meal. Others are not pleasant, “malodorous,” such as from an unattended cat […]

Tossing in the Towel

It happens all the time in a typical household. You grab a paper towel — or two, or three — to wipe up a mess when something is spilled. That’s what paper towels are for, right? But something else you might have experienced using paper towels is for polishing your nice granite countertop, rubbing and […]

Do You Want Cleaner Laundry?

Do You Want Cleaner Laundry? folded towels in a cabinet cleaner laundry

Three Steps to Cleaner Laundry “Doing the laundry” — it’s a common phrase and chore in virtually every household. Here are three easy ways to cleaner, fresher clothes. Pre-treat for cleaner laundry #1. Pre-treat spots and stains: Any textile is porous, which means staining substances can penetrate into the fibers and become very difficult to […]