Here’s a short youtube video showing 9 cleaning mistakes you might be making.

9 Cleaning Mistakes

One mistake is using bleach as a cleaning agent.  Bleach is a disinfectant, and should be used after a hard surface is cleaned to disinfect.  Don’t use bleach on carpet or other porous materials as it will, yes, BLEACH the materials.

Another is not using the proper product for the area being cleaned.  Windex is for glass, not for carpet spot cleaning.  Yes, we advise you t use ammonia and water. But it’s white, non-sudsy amonia, not Windex.  Windex has blue dye in it.  Use it on your carpet, and you may wind up with blue spots.  We can get them out for you.

For hard surface floors, use a neutral cleaner.  Specificallyone  made for hard surface floors, and has pH of 7-7.5.  Vinegar is often used as a cleaner, bu you don’t use it frequently on tile and grout.  It is an acid, and can eat away at your grout prematurely. If your grout is really grubby, call a professional cleaner.

Additionally, one of the best items you can have in your cleaning arsenal is a shop vac.  These are great for spot cleaning of carpets, sucking water out of a clogged sink, vacuuming up debris after a hom improvement project, and many more uses.

Keep white towels on hand.  You can buy them in bulk on line or at your favorite hardware store or cleaning supply.  Use towels for lots of cleaning projects, and wash them again and again.

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