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2019 Hurricane Predictions

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2019 Hurricane Predictions

2019 hurricane predictions from Florida Farm Bureau Insurance can be found here:


Hurricane Predictions


Stay safe, be prepared.  The season doesn’t end until November, so hang on to those supplies you purchased, you may still need them. And they can be used by your family even if there isn’t a storm brewing.  You need to drink water and eat snacks, right?

If you suffer any type of storm damage to your home, give us a call at 813-621-6015.  We have 35 years experience ins repairing and cleaning up storm damage, and have all the resources you might need to get the job done.  From contractors to tree trimmers, we know them all.


Your hurricane deductible goes into play when a state of emergency is enacted.  These deductibles can be 2-4% of your total coverage in your policy, so a $100,000 policy will have a deductible of $2000. Make sure you know what your deductible is, and if you need help paying for it, we can direct you to some financing options.

"Accent American is smart, fast and responsive, and they helped make my home look perfect again!"

- Patrick H. - Tampa, FL